Late Mahendrabhai Mafatlal Shah

1955 - 2020

A legend entrepreneur born in a lower middle-class family, had a vision to conquer all heights of business, he initiated business in a textile industry when he was just 17 years old.

He had great leadership skills & invincible entrepreneurial spirit due to which he started construction business in 1980’s. Being Gujarat India’s hub of business, he initiated his construction business from Rajkot and finally reached Ahmedabad with the goal of expansion in the year 1995.

He having a two strong pillar of vision and quality added in civil construction & steel material as a foot-step towards the landmark brand as RATNA group.

Very recently in the year 2018 he had a dream of setting up a steel industry & founded RATNA STEELTECH

No words can describe his hard work, dedication & determination. He was truly “A man with true Vision”

With love,
Munir M Shah
Saurin B Shah


The global need of next-gen Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) and Structural Steel.

We have the qualified & experience team to manufacture & supply as per your drawings & dimensions with minimum acceptable tolerance. Also we have our own certified engineers to design drawings as per your requirement

High Quality Integrated

Through continual development, adherence to material standards, advanced manufacturing techniques, superior quality and onsite precision ensures best PEB’s.

Pre Engineering Building

One of the most inventive steel fabricators, Ratna believes in manufacturing excellence, precision fine detailing and optimal use of resources.

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We developed our products under the strict guidance of our experts and we never compromise on the quality of the products

We are one of the leading manufacturer of MS-ERW Pipes And Tubes Pre-Engineered Building, Pre-Fabricated Structure


To be recognized as the leader for MS ERW Pipes and tubes

Ratna Steeltech is one of the Emerging MS ERW Pipes and Tubes Manufacturer. Common sizes for ERW Steel Pipe range from 1/2″ NB to 12″ NB in a variety of lengths to over 100 feet.

Surface finishes are available in bare and coated formats and processing can be handled on site to customer specifications.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB)

To be recognized as the leader for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and Structures

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PEB are built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof and wall sheeting connected to each other

As a leading PEB manufacturer, Ratna Steeltech provides the complete service of engineering, fabrication and erection thus ensuring better quality control at every stage of the process.

MS Plates

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MS Plates

MS Sections

I MS Plates : used for Built up section which comprises of 70% material used in Columns, Rafter, Gantry Beam. II MS Tubes (SHS) : used for Built up section, this is the important

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MS Sections

Angles & Channels

Angles & Channels

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Angles & Channels

Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts : used in foundation of Columns. II Connection Bolts : used for connecting

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Anchor Bolts

Z & C Purlin

These Purlins are considered as the secondary material after Steel & it comprises of Roof Purlins, Gable Purlins, and Cladding Purlins. Generally Z & C Purlins are used in a Roof to support the loads from the Roof Deck or Sheeting.

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Z & C Purlin

Roof & Wall Sheeting

Roof & Wall Sheeting is the material used in the end for completion of any Shed or Warehouse. It can be fitted as per design & drawing of client’s requirement

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Roof & Wall Sheeting

Sag Rod

Sag Rod are used in connecting Purlins on which Wall Sheets & Roof Sheets are fitted on Columns, Rafter, Gantry Beam, Tie Beam or Canopy

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Sag Rod
  • Equipments
  • Complete Solution
  • Manufacturing Facility

Equipment Owned

  • Pro Arc Plasma CNC Cutting Machine
  • 2 Nos Magnetic Drilling Machines
  • Compressor for painting & sandblasting
  • 1 Nos JCB Machine

Complete Solution

We provide complete solution in PEB manufacturing process

  • Design
  • Structural Steel
  • Quality Control
  • Erection & Installation

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is contained with highest quality equipment's like

  • MIG,ARC & SAW Welding System
  • Hydraulic Press & Bending Machine
  • 2 Nos of 20MT EOT inbuilt in shed
  • Machining station
  • 2" and 5" tube mill
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Online Shot Blasting System
  • H Beam & I Beam Assembly Line
  • Z and C Purlin Machine 
  • Slitting line

Our Plant

How we work

We have the qualified & experience team to manufacture & supply as per your drawings & dimensions with minimum acceptable tolerance. Also we have our own certified engineers to design drawings as per your requirement

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