MS ERW Pipes And Tubes

MS ERW Pipes And Tubes

MS ERW Pipes And Tubes

Ratna Steeltech is one of the emerging MS ERW Pipes and Tubes Manufacturer In Ahmedabad. Common sizes for ERW Steel Pipe range from 1/2″ NB to 20″ NB in a variety of lengths to over 40 feet. Surface finishes are available in bare and coated formats and processing can be handled on site to customer specifications.

MS ERW Pipes And Tubes

Process Flow Chart

Various forms of ERW Pipes

RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections)

Rectangular hollow sections (RHS) is a popular choice for mechanical, structural and construction applications. This is due to the flat surface resulting in a structural solution that is more economical for joining and various other types of fabrication works. 

SHS (Square Hollow Sections)

Square hollow sections (SHS) is another popular type of structural steel tube that’s kind of a middle- man between RHS and CHS in terms of attributes, appearance and structural behaviour. SHS features a flat surface that’s also economical for joining and welding, with clean lines & minimal edge preparation required.


CHS (Circular Hollow Sections)

Circular hollow sections (CHS) was the first form of hollow section. Commonly used in a wide range of structural, mechanical and construction areas. 

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